pictogramme découpe laser


  • 1 8KW FIBER laser cutting machine
  • 2 CO2 laser cutting machines of 6KW
  • 3000X1500mm cutting table format
  • cutting capacity:
    – steel from 0.5mm to 30mm thick
    – stainless steel from 0.5mm to 30mm thick
    – aluminum from 0.5mm to 25mm thick
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  • 4 press brakes
    – 50 tons 1.5 meters (electric)
    -170 tons 3 meters
    – 230 tons 3 meters
    – 220 tons 4 meters
  • Folding capacity over 3 meters:
    – steel: up to 8mm thick
    – stainless steel: up to 8mm thick
    – aluminum: up to 12mm thick
  • Multiply
pictogramme usinage


  • 1 machining center

    -length max: 1500mm
    -Width max: 500mm
    -Height max: 640mm
  • 2 Arms of magnetic bores
    – taps available from M3 to M36
    – amplitude of 1500mm is the possibility of tapping a sheet of our maximum format of 3000x1500mm
  • 1 drill press
imbrication laser
contrôle angle pliage

Our laser cutting machines allow us to carry out mark positions or positioning your parts :
– Oxygen marking, called black, on steel
– Marking under nitrogen, called white, on the alu
– black or white choice marking on stainless steel

We also enable to realise azote cuts, called white cuts, calamine free:

– systematic on stainless steel and alu
– up to 6mm thick steel

Our press brakes are equipped with lifting assistance arms and a laser corrector angle system.

Our technical skills allow us to form your hoppers and transformations in half shell by successive folds.

Our machining equipment allows us to perform various services in unit or series.
– toleranced diameter drilling
– piercing after bending to avoid deformation
– thread
– milling at 90°
– countersink
– drilling